Winter Skin Wellness


Colder weather, longer nights, central heating and environmental changes during the winter months can slow down cell function and turnover leaving our skin feeling tighter, dry, dull and lacking lustre. Sound familiar? If your skin has exhibited these side effects of winter we recommend a combination of our ANDA Enzyme Serum-Masque and ANDA Super Creme to help restore your complexion to healthy radiance. This dyanmic duo is suited to even the most sensitive of skins, working to gently exfoliate the skin with fruit enzymes , visibly improving texture and tone, while ANDA Super Creme works to deeply moisturise the skin with a combination of caviar lime, alfalfa and microalgae that soothes and hydrates. We find we get the best results by layering these two products together and leaving overnight to work their magic, revealing softer, smoother and deeply hydrated skin that is glowing by morning.


Take the stress out of gifting this festive season with our ANDA Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set is the perfect gift, perfectly packaged to give the gift of radiant skin all year around.  Crafted from Sibin Bian stone and the powerful revitalizing energy it provides, the ANDA Facial Roller, works to detox, and de-puff skin, encouraging products to penetrate deeper into the skin, while the Gua Sha Set reduces tension in the face, neck and shoulders.


As wonderful as the holiday season is, it  can be very  stressful! We recommend replenishing your spirit with a winter warming  duo of our bestsellers – Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak and Organic Ginger Bath & Body Oil. This warming bath experience will help increase metabolism and circulation during the colder months., turning your bath into a spa at home recovery treatment.
  • £ 35.00

    The energy of Sibin Bian stone combines with time-honored Gua Sha facial massage in this 2-piece set with easy-to-follow guide.

    • Tension-reducing method with two Gua Sha board sizes boosts elasticity, smoothness and glow.

    Small Sibin Bian Gua Sha board
    Large Sibin Bian Gua Sha board
    Step-by-step instruction guide
    Logo storage pouch

  • £ 75.00

    60 ml / 2.0 FL OZ

    The ultimate multi-function skin revitalizer.

    Vital nutrients in Caviar Lime, Alfalfa and Microalgae


  • Out of Stock
    £ 75.00

    ANDA Vitalessence Serum-Oil: Drench skin in organic replenishment.

    Vital nutrients in Snow Lotus, Moringa, Sea Buckthorn and Rose Hip

  • £ 27.50


    Experience transformative wellness with these concentrated, powerful salts. One of Earth’s most pristine natural treasures, these hand-harvested mineral crystals elevate the bathing experience into a detoxifying, remineralising, muscle relieving wellness treatment. Contains a perfect, rare balance of 60 essential minerals and trace elements to deeply nourish, detoxify and rebalance the body.

  • £ 39.00

    100 mL / 3.4 FL O.Z U.S.

    Ginger, Coriander and Plai essential oils energize and invigorate the senses while this organic formula moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

    • Rich in Organic Oils & Phytoessences
    • Free from Parabens