Spa At Home Body Kit – Ltd Edition

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Experience the purifying and restorative benefits of a luxury Kerstin Florian spa treatment at home, with our exclusive wellness self guided body ritual, designed to remineralize and restore the skin and body, while simultaneously calming the mind and spirit.  Each kit contains 6 travel size of our luxury spa favourites, chosen by our Kerstin Florian UK & Ireland education manager and accompanied by a bespoke self guided home spa and wellness ritual.

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Kit Overview

Kerstin Florian Home Spa Wellness Ritual Overview:

Your Kerstin Florian at home wellness experience begins with a bespoke calm mind affirmation to help relieve any tension or stress held in the face and scalp. You will them gently stimulate lymphatic circulation with a dry body sweep. Next an invigorating body exfoliation using our iconic eucalyptus and lavender infused Turkish Body Scrub, will immediately transport you to your favourite spa, while you submerge yourself in a remineralizing, muscle melting bath, using our Chammomile shower gel to gently remove the body scrub and cleans your skin. An innovative home spa cool water lympathic therapy, will work to stimulate your lymph system and aid in detoxification. Your Kerstin Florian at home wellness ritual will end with a calming, stress busting natural lavender body spritz, charged with pure essential oils. Followed by an application of our best selling organic Neroli Blossom Body Oil, that will hydrate and nourish the skin. Finally you will take Kerstin Florian’s iconic Fub Balm, infused with cooling menthol and apply to the soles of your feel to centre and ground your mind, body and spirit.

Each kit contains:

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Dry Loofah Pad | Turkish Body Scrub (30g ) | Chamomile Bath & Shower Gel (20ml) | Mineral Wellness Bath Salts (85g) | Lavender Natural Body Spray (30ml) | Organic Neroli Blossom Bath & Bath Oil (30ml) | FUB Balm (20ml) | Selection of Skincare Sachets | Affirmation Card | Step by Step Instructions


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