It may be August, but summer isn't over yet! Our research shows us that a lot of our Kerstin Florian customers take a sun holiday between August and September. Holidays play an important role in a balanced lifestyle, they offer the chance to switch off and let your hair down. The accompanying travel can also mean long flights. unfamiliar climates and different time zones - all of which takes a toll on our skin and bodies, making it even more important to pack skincare suitable for your travels!

We've put together some simple tips and travel-ready skincare recommendations that will keep your skin looking and feeling its best. On the Plane An airplane cabin is a moisture-free environment, which leaves our skin dry and our bodies dehydrated. For this reason, it is crucial to remain hydrated – inside & out – before, during, and after air travel. We recommend bringing an empty, reusable water bottle that you can fill once you pass through security!

All of our products recommended below are available in handy travel sizes that offer plenty of product to last during your holiday and are suitable for bringing in your carry on luggage! 



A moisturizer is a must to keep skin hydrated while traveling – and one that supplies lasting moisture is even better. Rejuvenating 24-Hour Moisture Crème (£12) nourishes skin as it reduces trans-epidermal water loss. Apply to hands, body & face during the flight to replenish and maintain moisture.

Refresh skin and spirit throughout your travels with a travel size of our best-selling Rehydrating Neroli Water (£10) This summertime staple, extracted from the Bitter Orange Blossom, provides a boost of freshness mid-flight or any time.

Combat the visible signs of jetlag and fatigue with Correcting Eye Rescue (£20) Known as a red-carpet “game changer” among celebrity makeup artists, these algae-based pads instantly smooth and depuff the eye area – ideal before or after a night out on the town. Lightly mist with water or Rehydrating Neroli Water to activate the formula!

Leave lips soft, smooth and protected with Lip Balm SPF 15 (£15), an invigorating, emollient lip treatment that combines lasting moisture with lip-specific protection.

For face, Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Crème SPF 30 (£12) provides ultimate defense from the sun’s rays and environmental stressors. This soothing, lightweight moisturizer is essential for beach days and sunny destinations. - For body, Sun Protection SPF 30 combines the luxurious feel of a spa body crème with powerful, broad-spectrum UV sunscreen for skin that’s silky, soft and well protected.

Combat jet lag, ease sore muscles and adjust to the elevation by adding Mineral Wellness Soak with Eucalyptus (£7) to a relaxing bath. These powerful therapeutic salts detoxify and rebalance the body as eucalyptus aromatherapy soothes airways.

Help your skin adjust to lower oxygen levels and turn your hotel room into a spa at the same time with a travel-sized Rejuvenating Spirulina Masque (£12). The powerful nutrients in this spa facial treatment increase circulation and cellular respiration to leave skin looking vibrant and functioning its best.


Regardless of where your summer travels may take you, don’t leave your skincare behind! These simple tips let you bring wellness with you wherever you go.

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