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Charlene's Blog


Berries. Plump. Succulent. Fresh. And so wonderfully healthy for us. My fondness for berries started when I was a child – in Sweden – in my grandmother’s garden. She grew everything – potatoes, herbs, several kinds of apples, goose berries, black and red currants, raspberries, the most gorgeous roses, and so much more. My favorite were smultron, tiny wild strawberries, which my grandmother planted all over her garden. It was like an Easter egg hunt every morning, as I raced out to see which had ripened. Raspberries grew along a hedge at the back of the garden, and I remember, one year, taking my cereal bowl, feeling like I was in a sea of plump red juicy raspberries. They were everywhere. It brought me such joy – picking the juicy berries and eating half of them, and later watching a tiny black bug crawl from the bowl. I didn’t care. I was one with it all.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Say Yes to Wellness

The excitement of summer is in the air at Kerstin Florian headquarters. That’s because of the energy, enthusiasm, and ‘magic’ we feel as we’ve been counting down to Global Wellness Day, June 13, 2015, a social movement without any commercial purpose that was started by my beautiful Turkish friend, Belgin Aksoy.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Forest Bathing: More Than a Walk in the Woods

Happy New Year! I am recently back from the most beautiful New Year’s Eve wedding on a cliff in Malibu, California. Pure magic and completely inspiring. It set the tone for 2016. Reflecting on all of the festivities of the holiday season in California, my mind sojourns to holidays spent in Sweden, where amidst crackling fires and candle light, I always make time for a walk in the forest. I love long walks in winter – the sounds of snow crunching, the crisp air and light peeking through towering birches and pine is simply spectacular.Read More
Charlene's Blog


There’s something about December. Something magical. Beautiful. Connective. Something that, amidst the chaos and pressure of the holidays (to consume, indulge, arrange, prepare), brings us back to ourselves, our family and our surroundings. In the most of beautiful ways.Read More
Charlene's Blog

In Gratitude and Thanksgiving

November – despite its characteristic gray skies and bare trees in many parts of the United States – has always held a special place in my heart. It’s a month of gratitude, inner reflection, and thanksgiving – officially marked by the gathering of families and friends to feast and pay homage to the bounty in our lives.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Acne, Not Just For Teens

The scenario is all too familiar. A young, 20-,30-, even 40- something-woman – starting out in her career, marriage, motherhood role – experiences breakouts. Her skin hasn’t been this congested since she was a teen. Or maybe ever. And she’s perplexed.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Staying Hydrated – Inside And Out

Years ago, a dear friend of mine, an actor, revealed his formula for hydration. Working long hours, under bright stage lights, he learned early in his career to hydrate – drink lots and lots of water. It’s a ritual all of us, regardless of our profession, should do.Read More
Charlene's Blog

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Staying Healthy on the Road

With the color-burst of 4th of July fireworks over the East River (New York), San Francisco Bay (California) and every small Americana town in-between, summer here is officially underway. And with it, vacation season – which doesn’t have to mean unhealthy indulgences. Whether traveling by plane or train; checking into a five-star hotel or the cot in grandma’s spare attic room, there are ways to keep your mind, skin, body and spirit healthy while on the road. Some of my favorite travel must-bring, must-do, wellness-on-the-road tips:Read More

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